A worker sprays down our aircraft as we await the all-go for takeoff.

Hsi Lai Temple

We witness the meeting of the old and the new as a monk carries an iPhone while taking in the sights and sounds of the day.

Hooded Color

Racing towards the sun, nature graces us with this swath of color.


An indigenous mask emerges from a stalk of bamboo.


A patron gets work done on the 5000 block of Vineland Avenue as shadows dance along the walls.

Admit One

Totally out of its element in a suburban neighborhood, a petting zoo ticket lays in a gutter waiting to be recovered by its original owner.

Not a Walkway

A friendly reminder to not walk on the driveway of the parking garage. Apparently some rules were meant to be broken for this shot. But really, I just liked the lines in this shot plus the red curb against the white background.


Even though this photo was taken in a friend's garden here in Los Angeles, I like the photo because I get a sense of freedom and an expanse of land. In viewing this particular piece, I allow myself to escape to a wonderful field surrounded by the Rockies. Clean air. No noise. Something you can't quite find here in the city, though this is as close as you can get.

Left behind

A disposable water cup is left behind on a barren table.

Work Tools

A wallet, a knife, and a key walk into a bar...


A sketch by the artist A'muueau is left behind for others to enjoy at TEAPOP, a communal tea & coffee shop in North Hollywood, CA

Her boots were made for walkin'...walkin' all over you.

Capturing a friend's boots before we headout for a photo walk.


Our aircraft pushes off from its gate as we taxi the airport to get ready for take-off on this rainy day.

Twin Fire Tabasco

Complementary colors of Tabasco join forces for what will be a breakfast soiree.